Algomint Q2 TDR (2024) GP11

Hey folks please find the link to our Q2 TDR Plan. Feel free to comment below:


I like the transition to a focus on stable goASSET pools instead of ALGO based pools!

goASSET-wASSET pools see no volume and people can swap between them using your own basket so do you focus so much on those pools? Mainly one large holder is providing liquidity to these pools and farming the rewards afaik, is that you or your VC and you enable them earning easy rewards?

goUSD-USD pools also seem weird since again the basket exists

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Generally speaking looks good. Just one little change. I would reduce goBTC/wBTC & goETH/wETH incentives from 10,96% to something like 3% and reallocate those released funds into following way;

Tinyman ALGO/goBTC from 1,37% to 4,33%
Tinyman ALGO/goETH from 1,37% to 4,33%

Tinyman goBTC/goUSD 5%
Tinyman goETH/goUSD 5%


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Hey mate, thanks for the balanced response will get back to you with a more detailed response after the weekend, just wanted you to know we are not ignoring comments.

Hey Roam, thanks for jumping in, likewise will get back on this after the weekend

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Algomint is first ETHER bridge to ALGO. Keep it up. Good work and people. Australian minds are brilliant.


Hey Algo crew,

We have made a number of changes to our GP11 TDR plan in response to community feedback. We have negatively adjusted the following pairs:
goUSD / goMINT
goBTC / wBTC
goETH / wETH

And moved the newly available Algo to positively adjust the following:

A matched rewards partnership with Algorai

and also With Tinyman

See here:

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Gousd-wusdc and gousd-wusdt pools just seem so odd and fractionalize liquidity. If i were to wrap usdc onto algo id be looking to pair it with either native algo/usdc or a wrapped version of eth or btc. Just doesnt make sense to pair with a basket token.

Could these algos be better used to incentivize gousd-ASA pools that will see volume?

Things that come to mind (malgo, galgo, chips, vest, coop, etc)


Apt, I fully agree. Who’s running this show? Get a better understanding of monetary flow and how people maneuver their confidence. I can’t vote for a subjective and poorly derived/ allocated proposal. Please re-review.
I wouldn’t be interested in putting my monies into any of these proposed ‘derivitives.’ I don’t find the proposal clear, concise and, especially, not strategic. In about 2 minutes, APT—the commenter—provided more clarity and strategy than the proposal did in its voluminous refuse. So, what ever inexperienced person or lazy experienced person is leading this proposal, perhaps step aside and let some eager thinkers and strategists have a proper go. Hope this criticism propels in any capacity.

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