Algorand address from hex value

Hi everyone,
i want to ask if there are anyway to get the address (58 length) from hex value (64 length).
the story is i got base64 input, then i decode it to hex (it does include padding hex of others value) and get the address in hex value (i beleive that since when i paste it in the explorer, it did show the correct address)
so how does that work? it would be great if you could write it in python.

Thanks for reading!

See How to convert public key back to address in js sdk - #3 by fabrice

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Thanks for your answer. i did read it but what i got is hex value, not base64 value.
the hex value with length of 64 and it does represent the address (58 length) i believe

If its 64 bytes in hex, its 32 bytes raw. That’d be the pub key which you can just encode_address on.

See the docs here: Encoding and Decoding - Algorand Developer Portal


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