How is an Algorand's address made?


How is it generated?
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@redFox22, you can create address using algosdk, also they’ve explained how to get that address and its mnemonic.
Here is the javaScript-algo-sdk:

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To add to what rdrk said:
For regular addresses, the address is the base32 encoding of a 32-byte ed25519 public key and a 4-byte checksum. (If you’re interested, the checksum is the last 4 bytes of the SHA-512/256 hash of the public key.)
For multisig addresses, instead of a 32-byte public key, it’s the hash of some fields that specify the details of the multisig account. More specifically, it’s the SHA-512/256 hash of (a version byte, a threshold, and the public keys of all possible signers). The checksum is computed the same way as for regular addresses.

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This was what I wanted! Thanks a lot my friend

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