Finding Algorand Public Key to Address

I have an 88 character Algorand public key which needs to be converted to an address.
The documentation clearly explains the conversion of a 32 byte public key to its address. But, I’m not sure what this 88 character public key is.
Here’s the public key :


@fabrice Can you please help me in finding address for this public key?

What you appear to have there is the hexadecimal representation of a base64 encoded public key. Here’s a link to cyberchef which shows the public address (minus the checksum) which you can then lookup on AlgoExplorer.

Which language are you using?

Thank you so much for the help.

I got the idea now. And the code is working fine too.

Hi, Can share how you solve this problem?
My public key is 044b16194d2780e08460453f64915153742db47abcdaab3c6e857e7e2b2ae8854c4b16194d2780e08460453f64915153742db47abcdaab3c6e857e7e2b2ae8854c
How can I convert to address? I follow this tutorial to convert address but I get the invalid address

What you’ve just shared is your private key converted to hex. Do not ever use this on anything but a development environment from now on.

Converting from that format to a public address can be done by converting the hex to bytes, base64 encoding it, then using the SDKs to convert the private key to an account address.