Algorand co-chains

Algorand Founder Silvio Micali shares details on the development of Algorand’s co-chain architecture that will expand even more possibilities for the Algorand ecosystem. Read his latest blog here:

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Really great. :slightly_smiling_face:.This solve another big problem in blockchain field, and algorand is becoming infinite. Waiting for the coming upgrade.

I am not sure whether a ‘layer-1 co-chain’ need an additional full-node server or not. If no need, then it is easy for new users to join in at a low cost and bring few risk/burden to the public permissionless chain.

In page 6 it is said: …but block generation in an Algorand co-chain can be
much faster…

It seems that a co-chain generates its own blocks, so I think that the co-chain is on an additional network with its own servers, it is not a virtual network in the main algorand chain.

The co-chains generates its blocks and can have a complete different consensus, the different in Algorand is that it will be able to interact with other co-chains and with the mainchain.