Algorand Grants Application Process & Management

Where can developers and project founders find more information on the Algorand’s grant application process (qualification criteria, submittal reqs, point of contacts, etc)? Who manages it from the Foundation? Does Inc have a separate funding platform that we can apply also?

What does the community make of this tweet discussion below? I assume many others, if not status of all grant recipients are more or less the same situation. Rather than voting on allocating specific funding amounts from the treasury, shouldn’t the Foundation be focusing on how to base the foundations of these approval prior to picking and choosing??? $140-150k for a startup with 0 proven track records founders, without any sort of follow up on its development (i suspected this a couple of years ago but couldn’t get an official response).

This is INSANE. I dare Staci and Silvio (you hired the team afterall) to include this fact of Algorand’s BD and see what VCs would say during the sales investor pitch

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The xGov program is something you might look into for grants. I can’t speak to this individual case.
xGov Intro Article