Algorand Indexer Update: 2.9.0

Important Note

This release enables support for the V31 go-algorand consensus upgrade.

What’s New

  • Contract to contract support
  • Support for StateProof keys

New Features

  • Support StateProof keys. (#778)
  • Return Inner and Root transactions for nested logs support in C2C calls (#820)


  • block-generator: Improve payment algorithm to allow sending many more transactions. (#864)
  • Include import-validator as a hidden algorand-indexer subcommand. (#871)
  • Update go-algorand submodule to latest C2C changes (#874)
  • Re-enable e2e test. (#881)
  • Update submodule to head of rel/beta (#882)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix log permissions to not be executable. (#880)
  • Ensure query is canceled after account rewind. (#893)

Github Release: Release Algorand Indexer 2.9.0 · algorand/indexer · GitHub