Algorand node does not start in raspberry pi 4

I am implementing contracts in raspberry pi, I installed DOCKER-COMPOSE, but when I get to the end of installing what is necessary to connect to the node this happens to me. I follow the instructions in this link: Your first transaction - Algorand Developer Portal
algorand node
Please help me, I’m new to these things.

Welcome to Algorand @erikpaucar47 !

Which Raspberry Pi are you using? Are you using a normal SD or are you using an external SSD?
Only Raspberry Pi 4 with at the very least 4GB of RAM and an external SSD has a chance to work with Algorand testnet.
(For your own private network, you may be using weaker specs.)

I am using a raspberry pi with 2Gb of ram, and an internal ssd. If there is no other solution, some other hardware that you recommend, since Algoran greatly facilitates the functionalities of my idea, since I want to send temperature and voltage data every minute to the blockchain as a record of my data.

I guess that by internal SSD, you mean SD card.
In that case, there is no chance it will work.

You don’t need to run a node on the sensor to be able to interact with the Algorand blockchain: you may run the node in the cloud or use an API service. See also Set up your development environment - Algorand Developer Portal

See also Algorand on IoT Gateway - #2 by fabrice

Thank you very much, I was successful in sending data with the purestake API.