Setting Up node on Raspberry pi 4

I am facing some issues setting up a node my rpi. I tried setting it up using Algorand Developer Docs as a reference.Using the debian based commands, I am getting an error saying could not find a distribution template for Raspbian/buster.It would be very helpful if someone can provide some resource or the commands to setup a node on rpi 4.

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You can use the installer for “other distributions”:

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I tried this, and I managed to get to the comand:
sudo systemctl start algorand

but puting this comand the following mistak comes: algorand unknown comand!
but if I just put
systemctl - then it starts to load a big list what just keeps continuing when I press enter.

What can be the trouble?
Any recomendations?

Did you follow the steps Algorand Developer Docs?

yea ofc :slight_smile:
I realize that on somehow I can not install algod as a system service

sudo ./ algorand algorand

if I place that, when I later check: algod -v it tells me that algod is unknown… so I am missing some part.

You need to add the folder with algod in your PATH if you want to execute by typing algod.
If you used the instructions in Algorand Developer Docs, you add $HOME/node in your path (e.g., in the right place in ~/.profile).

If you don’t update your PATH and used the above instructions, you need to run
~/node/algod -v instead of algod -v.

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great. Algod is instaled an on v 2.4.1!!
ok ok, i got to check the PATH and add it to the command lines.

Thank you, I will let you guys know.

yea yea, i see, I got this wrong with the PATH. for now I tried:

# set PATH so it includes Algod as a system service
if [ -d "$HOME/node" ] ; then

but i do not find the bin file, and also the bindir - what looks very important with user and group.

:face_with_monocle: lets go! lets go!

That looks good!
What do you mean by “I do not find the bin fin and also the bindir”?
Is sudo systemctl start algorand working?
Is algod -v working?

I also am having a bit of trouble installing on ubuntu on r-pi.
Do you know if the user install script can be used, or is sudo required???

Following the tutorial, they say to run for

./ kilgore-trout

I decided to just build from source. Gave me a script called
Which is perhaps what they meant by

I did not have time to look at the new script so I did not run it :slight_smile: I just cleaned everything I did to start fresh next time I get a chance.

No, I did not use killgore-trout as my username :slight_smile:
Slaughter House 5 is and excellent book though!

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Yes, I believe you need sudo.

I would recommend not to build from sources and use binary instead.
Sources may have slightly different configurations that the binary distribution.

Can you run

sudo ./ myUser myGroup

Then you need to run

systemctl enable algorand@$(systemd-escape /path/to/folder/data)
systemctl start  algorand@$(systemd-escape /path/to/folder/data)
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Thanks for helping… I was trying couple of things, and yes

algo -v

works fine. Yesterday I decided to restart from scratch, so maybe this weekend I will give it another try with the tips your tips and inform. Thx.

Thanks for the reply. Coming from mac where you are never really the su :slight_smile:
Typing sudo always feels a little wrong.

That’s a good point. Most things I’ve built were not nearly as actively maintained.

You do a great job around here!