Fail to start node and Install algod as a systemd service

Dear all

   I have two questions about the use of Algorand.

1.When I use the code about “goal”, it can’t start the node and the error is as follows:
Algorand node failed to start: fork/exec /tmp/algod: no such file or directory

  1. I use the commands “./ algorand algorand ~/.algorand” to install algod as a systemd service, and it prompts:
    Usage: ./ username group [bindir]

What should I do? Thanks for your help.

  1. What is your OS?
  2. How did you install the node?
  3. How are you trying to run goal (the exact command line)?
  4. Where is goal located (run which goal to know, if you run goal as goal)
  5. Can you check that this folder also contains algod. Can you run algod -v from this folder?