Goal node start

Following the Install a node - Algorand Developer Portal but when I start the node which is “goal node start” I get this:

goal node start
Command ‘goal’ not found, did you mean:
command ‘gol’ from deb growl-for-linux (0.8.5-8)
command ‘gcal’ from deb gcal (4.1-3.1)
Try: sudo apt install

Any ideas? thanks.

If you’re on Ubuntu, you may want to follow those instructions instead:

If you’re not on Ubuntu, you need to add the folder where you installed the software in the PATH.
See the info note:

Add the following exports to shell config files. Hereafter, goal will default to using $ALGORAND_DATA as the data directory, removing the need to specify -d ~/node/data in every command.

export ALGORAND_DATA="$HOME/node/data"
export PATH="$HOME/node:$PATH"

If you don’t know what the PATH is, see:

Thanks for the quick reply really appreciate.

I have Ubuntu on Raspberry PI I followed these instructions - Install a node - Algorand Developer Portal

Installing on Linux

Nodes have been verified on Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, Raspbian (Raspberry Pi 1-4), openSUSE Leap, Manjaro, Mageia, Alpine, and Solus. Other modern distros should work as well.

  • Create a temporary folder to hold the install package and files.
mkdir ~/node
cd ~/node

Download the updater script.

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/algorand/go-algorand-doc/master/downloads/installers/update.sh
  • Ensure that your system knows it’s an executable file.
chmod 544 update.sh
  • Run the installer from within your node directory.
./update.sh -i -c stable -p ~/node -d ~/node/data -n

After doing all that the next step was Start a Node: That’s where I see the errors or problem.


cd node
./goal node start -d data

As @Maugli said, either prefix goal by ./, i.e.e ./goal.
Or, even better, update your PATH as indicated in my post above.
The documentation assumes that your PATH is set up properly.
If you do not know what the PATH is, please read the article linked in my post above.