Trying to run an Algorand node will not start?


I am trying to install and run a node following the instructions found here: Compile and Run the Algorand Node Natively on Windows | Algorand Developer Portal

I was feeling good about everything until I got to step 4 . Installing the node
I ran all the commands but was in the dark on what to put as the value for the EndpointAddress and I’m pretty sure this is the source of my problem. How do I know what port to insert the value for?

When I try to start using
goal node start -d data
I get
C:\AlgorandNode>goal node start -d data
Algorand node failed to start: node exited with an error code, check node.log for more details : exit status 1

C:\AlgorandNode>./goal node status -d data
‘.’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

C:\AlgorandNode>goal node status -d data
Cannot contact Algorand node: open data\ The system cannot find the file specified.

Please any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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The specified parameter ‘data’ is the data directory. Maybe you could try the absolute path to a valid data directory ? A minimal data directory need to contain a ‘genesis.json’ file.

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I do not know how to do such a thing. It was step 4 installing the node where things went off track. Smooth process until I didn’t know what port to put for EndpointAddress

Thank you Thank you for responding so timely

Setting the EndpointAddress should not be an issue.
At first you can just remove completely data\config.json and it should work.

This is the issue.
You need to look at the content of data\algod-err.log, data\algod-out.log and data\node.log.
You can copy-paste the content of this file (or if it’s large, the end of those files) between triple backquotes ``` (backquotes are not quotes - they allow better formatting.