Installation problems on Ubuntu 20.04


I’m trying to get started with the instructions available at: Install a Node - Algorand Developer Portal (since I’m using Ubuntu, I’m using the instructions under "Installing with other Linux Distros).

The first error occurs at the step " Installing algod as a systemd service"

sudo ./ algorand algorand

This fails with the message

/ [ERROR] Username `algorand` does not exist on system

There were no instructions to create such a user. I manually created a user and group, but then the next step also fails:

sudo systemctl start algorand@$(systemd-escape $ALGORAND_DATA)
Not enough arguments.

Any information is appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Are you having issues just running as a service? Does the node run?

I would recommend using the instructions for Debian:

I’ve made a PR to make this clearer: Make clearer Debian packages work for Ubuntu by fabrice102 · Pull Request #515 · algorand/docs · GitHub