Algorand Opt-in fee UX


Something about the UX of Algorand’s opt-in fee still seems clunky. I wish there is a good/easy way to resolve this. I assume this will be on the wallet developers’ end to somehow constantly take out the required opt-in ALGOs when making a “maximum” transaction from a dapp. There could be an option to include governance ALGOs and others as additional feature also.

Other networks don’t experience this. Yes, there is an advantage to retrieve it back unlike Ethereum’s gas for example, but I believe convenience wins overall.

The opt-in is to make sure that the address owner has full authority over the assets that they can receive in their address. In eth it is common for scammers to send assets that may drain you wallet. This is not possible on algorand.

There are new ARC standards being developed where the sender can send any asset to an escrow of the receiver address from which the receiver can choose to receive it or send it back to the sender.