Opt-in ALGO fee management

Hey guys, whenever i click “max” on Folks Fi, i notice i’m always left short of 0.002 ALGO under my minimum balance, which forces me to bring in more ALGO from another wallet/exchange to initiate any transactions. It is such a clunky UX to use Algorand because of this.

Is it possible for you to allow us to designate the min. or calculate it so that this doesn’t happen? There needs to be a standard across the whole ecosystem as these min allocations are all different between wallets and dapps.

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This is an issue with individual sites front ends. MBR is a very simple formula and building it into the site or smart contract has to be done by the dApp itself.


Any ideas how to standardize this without being a centralized/micromanaging requirement ordeal from the Foundation? Are you seeing the issue I’m experiencing? The two dapps’ MBR methods are different and not communicating with each other for me to deal with this bs at the user’s end. How do you expect non-crypto people to easily onboard and navigate around the ecosystem?

The reality today is all this smooth talk about the speed, near-instantaneous finality, etc etc is a moot bc of this single overdue unresolved UX. The devs and the community will keep ignoring it but it’s time after time biting users in the ass (see recent airdrop exp, no an abstract layer that could change its business model in a heartbeat is not the best solution, see recent NFD not becoming permanent)

I do, it’s a simple math equation though. The fact they can’t get it right is more concerning than anything.

I mean is there even an “ecosystem comm channel” for these projects on Algorand to speak/collab with each other? I could also see this being managed on the wallets’ end - allow users to specify the “max” value or the subtraction (min. opt-in ALGO + # ALGO for buffer)

Not sure if the following would even be possible but can this work:

The fees of any transaction gets deducted automatically from whatever token is being used to transact.

Example 1: Say if I were to swap 100 Ora tokens for 10 Algo tokens. If I have zero algos in my wallet, can the app just take 1 ora token and convert it into Algo’s or whatever as fee?

Example 2: Say I send 100 Opul to another wallet and i have zero algos in the wallet. The wallet takes the fee in Opul and then swaps it automatically into algo if needed or whatever.

Is this a good idea? Bad idea? Can it even be technically possible?


no cause not all tokens have liquidity. also doesn’t work with non fungible tokens.

rn it’s in protocol level, they can remove the “feature” but currently its used to prevent spam.

Actually the spam can be easily send if you just write note field and send zero algo tx.

This was used before because in earlier days one account could be opted in only to 50 assets.

Also this is used to keep a lot of algorand in locked state. Because all opted in assets must preserve minimum balance of 0,1 algo, this was basically the fee to mint nft on algorand (0,2 algo per account)… If they would consider to cancel the optin, they would release a lot of algos to circulation if they would cancel this rule.

At the moment you have to calculate fees manually, there is no way to know how much fees you owe to the chain while executing tx (you may have in if statement the app call for example)

If you would know at the end of the group how many fees you owe, you could do just simple swap app call to amm to cover the fees. Now you can do the simple swap app call, but you must know how much fees you want to pay.

I really wish we could get rid of opt-in costs. I hate them and they make me angry when onboarding other people. Last month I onboarded 7 people but they all stopped when i had to do opt-ins with them.

Are there officials from Folks Fi, Pera, Tinyman that I can tag here? THIS HAS TO BE RESOLVED ASAP imo.

This is such an easy resolution - you just need to communicate with each other to set a standard that the entire ecosystem agrees. You trio are the biggest pillars right now to educate this and improve the UX by multifold. At least offer the users the option to set their own “max” if you can’t figure out a sensible way to extract maximum balance minus the opt-in ALGOs, HOLY SHIT

No, don’t ask me to calculate my balance every time because i’m having to deal with the stupid unique opt-in feature that no other blockchains deal with (Algorand can’t even push forward with its state proofs and this will undoubtedly create friction in interoperability, am I seriously the only one seeing this???).

So goddamn frustrating trying to move assets around Algorand since Oct, 2020. Insane