Algorand performance

In this Algorand 2021 Performance article it was stated by Silvio Micali, that in 2021 Algorand performance will improve as follows:

Finalised latency: 2.5 sec
Finalised throughput: 46000 tps

It is clear now that these expectations were overly optimistic.
What are the new scheduled dates?

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In this forum article @cusma wrote:

The developing strategy for the AVM is: starting with very strict limitations and then removing or “relaxing” those limits step-by-step while being careful to preserve the equilibrium that ensures Pure PoS throughput and scalability. This is why the AVM has grow incrementally from purely stateless to stateful to even more powerful applications.

So, what about the earlier expecations of 46000 tps by prof. Micali?
Are these realistic for internal Algorand networks only?
@cusma , please answer.

Algorand’s performance scale up follows the same development strategy adopted for the AVM: with incremental steps toward the ultimate TPS goals.

This means that 46k TPS will not be reached in one shot, there will be an incremental effort to push the limits of Algorand’s TPS little by little. The first target will realistically be around 10k TPS.

Not sure if I understood this question properly. Can you please elaborate more?

I mean, for private networks (e.g. for a large bank)
By the way, what happened with the earlier project of Algorand co-chains?