Algorand Use-case Queries

I am quite new to Algorand and exploring the platform. I have experience with the ethereum and hyperldeger platform. From the videos and documentation, I understand, Algorand is a completely permissionless and public chain with Main, Test and Dev chains.

I have 2 questions.

  1. Can we create a private network (not just for test purpose) for enterprise applications which are not ready to expose their data to the public and have a serious privacy concern. Similar to hyperledger where we can run a private chain.

  2. Is it a good platform to use as a general-purpose transactions ledger (like adding supply chain data, audit purpose, etc.)

  3. Are the content of the transactions private (encrypted) or is it open like ethereum.

Hi @sanjib435,


  1. As the full software is open source, you can in theory replicate the full infrastructure of MainNet in a private network. I am not sure what the best practice is.
  2. Algorand is perfect for such general-purpose transactions: you can put any data in the note field of the transactions. The SDK is very friendly to use for such purposes. For supply chains, you may also consider using ASA (Algorand Standard Asset - which are level-1 assets like ERC-20 or ERC-721. The fact these are level-1 makes them much simpler to use.
  3. The contents of the transactions are public. However, you can manually encrypt the note field.
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  1. Certainly.

  2. I think yes. It is an account-based ledger, equipped with all the necessary component and API interfaces, along with SDKs.

  3. If you run a private network where you and your alliance control all the nodes, you can definitely choose to make all the transactions private. You can do that by simply changing the node configurations to refuse all the outside connections and queries.