Hi guys,
I just want to know how to integrat algosigner with a python(pyteal) dapp.
All the links i got it uses purestake.
Is there anyway to integrate in without the use of purstake and only by coding.
Can some one please share any related link or so.

AlgoSigner is a browser extension.
Only website / webapps can communicate with AlgoSigner.
They do so using some injected JS object on your website.
See GitHub - PureStake/algosigner-dapp-example for an example.

You can use Python on your backend but the frontend must be in JS/TS.

The use of PureStake API is absolutely not necessary, you can use whichever node/API service you want with AlgoSigner.
The main purpose of AlgoSigner is to sign transactions.

hi, you should implement wallet connect… most people have algos in official wallet and it can communicate only through wallet connect

Thanks a lot @fabrice @scholtz
I’ll try doing these!