Api services and wallets

Hi all,
I was using purestake apis and algosigner till date for my application but now I got an email from Purestake they are shutting down.
Can anyone please suggest me good api service and wallet for algorand. I am looking for browser extension wallet.
Thank you

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Hi !

I’d also written a script using PureStake.io and I’m in a bit of a bind here too… :face_with_peeking_eye:

I’m looking at AlgoNode.io as an alternative tool, but I’m not sure it can fully replace PureStake.io.

I’ve read the documentation for using a Docker sandbox but I don’t feel like I can use it in production…

In other words, if I’ve understood everything correctly, either I find an alternative to PureStake.io, or I’ll have to host my own Algorand node… I feel like hanging myself! :ghost:

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As suggested, Algonode.io is a great public alternative. They offer everything PureStake offered, so you should be able to just switch the address.

However running your own node (not an Indexer) is a relatively trivial process too if you’re interested in doing that.

Sandbox is ideal during your development process, it can be synced to mainnet, testnet, or your own private localnet. But it shouldn’t be used in production.

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Starting your own node is easy, but starting your own indexer is a different story. Algonode is great, but it’s the only one now, we lost the chance to have a fallback

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Yeah makes sense. Running own node take too much computation work which is always possible…Algonode might help

Sandbox is a way but it take too long to sync. Even if a catchup is done at times that also does not work especially when there is an update to sandbox itself.