PureStake to discontinue API Services January 1st, 2024

Hello Algorand API users,

We have some unfortunate news to share. After thorough consideration, we have decided to discontinue PureStake’s Algorand API service by the end of this year.

The service will officially go offline on January 1, 2024. Additionally, GoalSeeker, the Algorand block explorer maintained by PureStake, will also be taken offline as it directly relies on our API service. Anyone still using AlgoSigner, the browser extension deprecated previously, will also lose connectivity to the Algorand networks.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and hope that you will have sufficient time to explore suitable alternatives. Thank you to the fantastic community and the Algorand Foundation for their support over the last four years.

The PureStake Team


Hi, @Tim , please share some points from your thorough consideration.


How can we help continue to support this entire platform? How much does it cost per year?

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These services should be supported by paying subscriptions, I guess that in the past they were supported through Foundation grants, but today, at current prices, this is no longer possible

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What are the alternatives to this service other than going through the significant effort of provisioning our own nodes and managing them. Is it possible to get some response from Purestake with regard to whether this service will be offered as a paid service etc.?

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this is probably the most used alternative

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thank you - it hooks right up, no API token required as previously with purestake, response times are just as good. ps this (reliable node as a service + API endpoints) is crucial infrastructure for devs looking to build quickly, reliably and cost effectively on top of Algorand. very happy to see that Algorand is on top of alternatives.

“We are deeply grateful for the journey we’ve shared with you all.”
If it is so, then please put a redirection or at least a link from algoexplorer.io to Dappflow explorer
Thanks a lot!

That’s the Rand folks not PureStake