V1 APIs Retirement

Hi everyone,

We are reaching out to share the news that the Algod and Indexer V1 APIs are targeted for retirement on November 15, 2022. At that time, support will have been dropped from all of our SDKs and releases of go-algorand and indexer will be published that no longer support the V1 endpoints.

Required Action For V1 API Users

If you use any V1 API calls either directly or via the SDKs, changes are required on your part. Your options are:

  1. Use the V2 APIs (Algod and/or Indexer).
  2. Use an available API service provider such as algoexplorer.io, algonode.io, or purestake.com


The Algod/Indexer V2 APIs were released in June 2020, replacing the functionality of the V1 APIs. At that time, the V1 APIs were communicated as deprecated. Continuing maintenance/support on deprecated APIs is a headwind to the Algorand team’s ability to deliver upgrades and key functionality.

Most importantly, we want the Algorand APIs to be as easy as possible for ecosystem developers to approach and work with - reducing down to one set helps us achieve that goal.


  • September 2022 - V1 API calls will be marked deprecated across all SDKs
  • November 2022 - SDKs will be released that drop support for the V1 APIs entirely
  • November 15, 2022 - Algod and Indexer releases will be published that drop support for the V1 endpoints

Please reach out with any questions/concerns.

The Algorand Team

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