IMPORTANT: Rand Labs to deprecate API services June 15, 2023

We regret to inform you that our API service will be discontinued on June 15th, 2023. We understand that many of you rely on this service and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We encourage you to transition to alternative solutions before the deprecation date to ensure a smooth transition. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Rand Labs

I dont see any official information published here:

Do I understand correctly that you are shuting down AlgoExplorer ?

Or are you shuting down just some of your custom api, and you will serve the free algod and indexer service further?

What are reasons for such a step?

I see this is your first post on forum, it might be good for trust ranking of your post to add a link to some official announcment.

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There was an official announcement concerning just the API here Ludo:

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Hi, can my company take over the domain by any chance?

I am devoted to the algorand, I have experience running the relay nodes and indexers and also have other projects on algorand.

We will continue providing free algorand nodes endpoints.

If you make algoexplorer open source, we will continue developing it.

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or maybe it’s the right time to start an opensource project of this kind, because RandLab is the proof that we can’t rely on closed source in these areas

There was a time when DAppFlow was open source GitHub - algodesk-io/dappflow but they moved it to some private repo somewhere here dappflow · GitHub

I do not understand why the critical infrastructure is not open source. AF is or was giving a lot of grants and it is not open source :frowning:


take a look to last video of Cooper for understanding …


This was a time to AF wake-up !!!

Make Algoexplorer open-source and adopted directly by Algorand !!!
Now, before the landing to …

You even have the audacity to write here? After all that you have done, after sucking up so many resources from the community and deceiving the entire ecosystem? You should be ashamed!


Hi @mliu-randlabs

We would like to continue your legacy with the algoexplorer… my company has good experience in running algorand nodes, and few projects on algorand

Please contact me through the forum DM, or through discord LudovitScholtz#9304 or telegram Telegram: Contact @ludovit_scholtz


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