AlgoExplorer API: Algorand Node API end-points will be limited


I want to communicate to the developer community that AlgoExplorer API will limit access to Algorand Node API only to those APIs that are not available on Algorand Indexer API.

This change does not mean that we are limiting functionality, but we want to structure queries to optimize the resource usage and scalability. Developers will need to access the same data through Algorand Indexer API.

We will keep this end-points of Algorand Node that are not available in the Algorand Indexer:
/v2/blocks/{round} (under evaluation, support might be also dropped)

All the rest must be accessed through Algorand Indexer API.

We will keep supporting all Algorand Node APIs until February and maybe a bit more, but we will focus in Algorand Indexer API availability and performance.

In the near future, we will disclose RandLabs Indexer API which is similar to Algorand Indexer API but it has additional parameters to limit queries that requires too much computation or the response is too big. We will offer a Premium Pack to those willing to use it.

Pablo Yabo


Hi Pablo is there a timeline for this or are you doing this as soon as possible?