Algoexplorer Indexer apis

I just did a test, quering blockchain from two indexer apis, algoexplorer and purestake with this endpoint, going thrugh all the next tokens and counting the elements. I have 4478 using purestake and 4407 using algoexplorer. Is Algoexplorer indexer not synced or in a big delay?

What exact query did you try to make?
New blocks are continuously added, is it possible the difference come from that?
Can you check which elements are missing from algoexplorer.

Yes I’m sorry, for better comprehension I should have included that first. I’m using this endpoint /v2/assets?name=TINYMAN%20POOL&limit=1000 going throught until the next token is missing. I don’t think could be added more than 70 tinyman pool in some rounds. This is the code I wrote:

basepoint_indexer = ""
#basepoint_indexer = ""
endpoint_searchPool = "/v2/assets?name=TINYMAN%20POOL&limit=1000"
token = "your_token"
def fetchAllPools() -> list:
pool_list = []
searchPool = basepoint_indexer + endpoint_searchPool
chars = len(searchPool)
while True:
while True:
response = get(searchPool, headers={"X-API-Key": token}).json()
except (exceptions.RequestException, JSONDecodeError, simpleJSONDecodeError):
next = response['next-token']
except KeyError:

for asset in response['assets']:

searchPool = searchPool[0:chars] + f"&next={next}"

return pool_list

(Don’t know how to indent)