Multiple searches with Indexer problem

In my system I need to search the blockchain more with the algoindexer. The main problem is that if I go to make several consecutive requests I get the following error:

algosdk.error.IndexerHTTPError: {“message”:“Too Many Requests”}

that’s my code:

        myIndexer = self.instanceAlgoIndexer()
        responseStruct = myIndexer.search_assets(name="tiger1")
        structHash = responseStruct['assets'][0]['params']['metadata-hash']

        myIndexer = self.instanceAlgoIndexer()
        responseWeight = myIndexer.search_assets(name="tiger2")
        weightHash = responseWeight['assets'][0]['params']['metadata-hash']

How can I avoid this?

Depends on the throughput limits the provider has - for instance PureStake’s free plan restricts Indexer calls to 1 per second, so you’d have to ensure some separation between requests in order to successfully use it.