API returning 403 for some calls

I’m trying to use a waitForConfirmation() function. I’ve tried both copying/pasting the one in the docs and also the one built into the 0.13.0-beta2 in algosdk. Either way, the first call to client.status() returns a 403 from Algoexplorer’s API. It’s trying to hit: which returns a 403. You can confirm in the browser.

Looking at Algoexplorer’s developer docs (I’d list a link but I’m only allowed to include 2) they don’t list that as a valid endpoint. There’s only /status with no other parameters.

Is Algoexplorer’s API not conforming to the spec or is client.status() doing something it’s not supposed to?

I tried switching over to PureStake and everything worked perfectly. Sure seems like Algoexplorer isn’t doing something right…

Algoexplorer is deprecating some calls for performance reasons. Here is the list of available calls now AlgoExplorer API v2 , If you want to use this call, it’s best to set up your own node.

I saw their notice up there about changing endpoints but didn’t realize they’d just remove basic calls like status(). Thanks for the note!

Updated I ended up switching over the PureStake API and everything worked perfectly. I’m not sure I’m prepared to install and support my own node yet! :sweat_smile: