Algoexplorer: Access to fetch at '' has been blocked, Error 403

Hey everyone,
So I’ve changed the testnet API link for algoexplorer as per their announcement that they’re depreciating the ( by February, so I changed my api testnet link to '
Without changing any headers or any data when I try to get and post on the new api it gives me this error.

This is how I’m requesting it from the code.

Get Request

const response = await fetch(${accountAddress});
This same request was working fine for old link

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


Some endpoints for the Algod v2 API are disabled.
You can find a list of the available endpoints here: AlgoExplorer API: Algorand Node API end-points will be limited.

If you want to get the current state of an account, you may want to use the indexer API instead:

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Thanks for the reply,
I was actually looking for the data related to that account, which I repeat was working perfectly fine on the previous (soon to be depreciated ) link.