No accounts found: MainNet

Hi there!

Stack with the problem that the indexer on the MainNet works somewhat unstable, I will explain why:
Had a CORS problem using as the indexer URL, so had to use and it works! However, after some time I started getting 404 from the indexer with the message

    "message": "no accounts found for address: O3BX55FOVNLTL3MTZ2SRPOSUXPW44X3YKOTMIBBZ24WLRJ2YEAN3XEHYBU"

and this happens at random intervals.

Although I have these accounts in my Algosigner wallet and also Algoexplorer can find at own site.
Also funny thing: indexer back me 404 only for 3/4 accounts :slight_smile: . Image below:

To be sure, I sent a request with the same account address to https://indexer… and got 200 in response.

Tell me please what this can be connected with and how to solve this problem.

Have you tried AlgoNode ?

It works, thanks. But https://algoindexer… also works now :sweat_smile: