Indexer API endpoint


I’m trying to install the AlgoDEA plugin on IntelliJ for Java-based Algorand Development. The plugin requires a field “Indexer API endpoint”. What is this, and where can I obtain it from?

Thanks for any information.


Don’t have IntelliJ to check, but it’s probably a base/root url for all Indexer endpoints.

If you don’t have a running Indexer on your computer you may use the AlgoExplorer:

If you install the Algorand Sandbox, then it would be http://localhost:8980, but you also have to provide a token aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. The similar is required with the PureStake API, but you have to register for a token.

go to, and check the settings there to see different environments

How’s that an answer?!

Please don’t spam, if you want to help instead of advertise then copy and paste the information from that page that allegedly exists.

Thanks for the quick response. It is indeed helpful.

Unfortunately, the plug-in refuses to accept the Algod API Endpoint that was available at $ALGORAND_DATA/ (which was, so I’m forced to abandon this approach (the plugin says this is an invalid node API endpoint).


That’s a local URL, you need to set the value to a valid Indexer API.

Finally installed Sandbox and now everything appears to be fine. Thanks for the help.



Please dont be rude… I have expressed following with my comment:

  1. It was confirmation that the algoexplorerapi is the good endpoint
  2. I could navigate him to but it is not that clear mainly in the matter of the tokens as to see the settings page and just go up or down with the selection and seeing the changes in the settings
  3. It was information that he can use the wallet also for sandbox or reach environment, or he can put there any servers he wants… There is no such support in any other wallets as far as i know. It might help him with development or perheps he will get interested what is reach and he might become teal programmer :slight_smile:
  4. The information that other environments besides mainnet and sandbox exists was new information in the thread
  5. Offcourse it was supposed to be also advertisement… The more people who knows about it is better. I dont understand why the algorand chosed not to promote or support any of my products

I am sorry I have chosen this approach, but it seems to me it is right. If I am wrong in something please correct me please.

Peace :peace_symbol:

  1. It was confirmation that the algoexplorerapi is the good endpoint

Nope. The phrase “to see different environments” implies just that behind your link he can find more than one environment and the tone of your answer even can be interpreted as he has got a wrong answer.

Your other points are meaningless.