Accessing Node on remote server

I have a dev machine for coding, and looking to setup a local node in the network. I have stood up a node on another PC so docker doesnt kill my CPU/memory while coding and so i can keep up with blocks.

I have an active node stood up and can see transactions and use goal to make new ones, but I cant hit it through the network from the dev machine. When I go to look as “listening” ports, 4001 is not on the list and algod is using some obscure port and even using that I can access the site remotely.

I may be overthinking this but is there a guide on how to access this remotely? I looked through the Dev docs and didnt find anything specific to my issue.

Are you using sandbox (GitHub - algorand/sandbox: Algorand node sandbox) or your own Docker container or a direct installation?
Port 4001 is only used by sandbox.
Direct installations use port 8080 by default if available, furthermore, they only listen on localhost.
You can change the later using EndpointAddress in config.json (Node Configuration Settings - Algorand Developer Portal).

Ahhh yes ok, thank you.

I am using a direct install on unbuntu server, no docker or sandbox.

It makes sense about the endpoint, didn’t think about that thank you. I will try that and see what happens.