Testnet & node setup



I would like to know the steps to set up a node!

Also for the test net, what will you all build?


Hey Mark,

The current steps are as followed:

How to Join the Algorand Testnet

  1. Create a GitHub account if you don’t already have one
  2. Apply to Access Repo and Forums: https://www.algorand.com/apply-testnet
  3. Wait for approval. (Let me know, and I’ll try to get you approved ASAP) This will grant you access to both the GitHub repo and the TestNet Category in these forums.
  4. Follow the instructions in Getting Started here: https://developer.algorand.org/docs/introduction-installing-node

A couple of notes on the above: TestNet will be open up to the public shortly so there won’t be a need to apply for access. It’s recommended to install and run your node on Mac or Linux. It’s possible to do so on Windows using Docker, but configuring persistence within that Docker container is beyond the scope of the current documentation.

If at any point you get stuck or have related questions, don’t hesitate to post here since it’ll be to the benefit of everyone.

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ok, perfect!

I will get on this asap!

And ready for interview tomorrow!


As to your other question about what people are building, @ihagopian created Algochat: https://github.com/jsign/algochat

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ok looking good! Ready for our call today!

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I have the same question, thank you.:blush::blush: