Private network - node accessible from another VM within network or remotely?

Hello Algorand community,

I was wondering whether it is possible to create a private network (I previously used this tutorial: Create A Private Network | Algorand Developer Portal), which would use a public IP instead of localhost that would be accessible from another VM on my network or remotely? Trying to change the EndpointAddress in config.json (tried both the public IP and does not work and algod simply stops using IPv4.

If this is not possible, how can I implement a remote node without using mainnet (I’m testing)?

Thanks a lot in advance!

If you just want to setup a testing node, just use sandbox, which can connect to testnet or mainnet. ie ./sandbox up mainnet.

get the nodes IP and connect to that IP using port 4001 with algod.

Changing the EndpointAddress should make your node listen on the provided address.
Please make sure to restart the node after making changes to the config.json file.

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Hi @tsachi - thanks for your answer! I tried EndpointAddress before but probably haven’t restarted the network properly. It functioned by setting the address to and restarting. Thank you!