How to connect to algorand private network

WIth the help of this tutorial i was able to create a private algorand network on my machine but also after a lot of research i wasnt able to find out how connect my code to this network. Originally i was using the testnet with an purestake api where my python code looks something like this

from algosdk.v2client import algod

purestake_key = 'my purestake key'
endpoint_address = ''
purestake_header = {'X-Api-key': purestake_key}
acl = algod.AlgodClient(purestake_key, endpoint_address, headers=purestake_header)

this works as expected. But what are the parameters i need to connect to my private network? Is it even possible or am i missing something? Form my “ps aux” command i was able to find out that the Private network node is doing something on the local address, but the AlgodClient needs an key where can i find this? Leaving the key empty didnt work …

Thanks for your help

Ok, im stupid i found it out: For anyone in the future having the same problem in the directory of your network in the folder Node there are two files and algod.token (and also an algod.admin.token dont know the difference here) containing the information i needed