Algroand go sdk SignTransaction wrong

failed to send transaction: HTTP 400 Bad Request: TransactionPool.Remember: TransactionPool.test: failed to call Committed(): txTail: tried to check for dup in missing round 55276


This looks like your block range must have been off. Try using the suggested parameters for the last round and a 1000 and try again:
tx, err := transaction.MakePaymentTxn(fromAddr, toAddr, 1000, 200000, txParams.LastRound, (txParams.LastRound + 1000), nil, “”, genID, genHash)

Also your fee is going to be too low. I think the minimum is 1000 microalgos.

Also, it might be better to use SuggestedParams() in order to get the suggested fee dynamically (if you agree on a reasonable weighted average calculation).

you’re right,thanks for your reply