Error in transaction


Im new to developing algorand applications, and I’m getting an error creating a transaction. Im not sure, what im doing wrong here.

i created and atomic trasanction with 1. payment and 2. an asset transfer
here’s the goal command

goal clerk send --from=$BUYERACCOUNT --to=${CREATOR} --amount=5000000 --out=uspaytxn.tx
goal asset send -a 1 --assetid $ASSETID -f ${CREATOR} -t ${BUYERACCOUNT} --clawback $ESCROW --out=usxfertxn.tx

escrow is a logicsig and does not have any algos, but the buyer and creator both have algos? I have used tealdbg and im sure my logicsig is not rejecting the txn.

the error im getting is below. Do i need to fund the logicsig?

HTTP 400 Bad Request: TransactionPool.Remember: transaction 6NUS3MQBMQ2I7HOUXLWPLSIACKEKDJIT65OZZHFWO7LPIQTO55BA: overspend (account KNVHQRZ534IXD7L463GHKSQ7V6MCIDUKZRNES7QS7P3PQ4G7GVDSD3ZHNY

Thanks in advance

Welcome @oabeleda to Algorand!

You need all the sender accounts (including logicsig accounts) to have enough funds to pay for the transaction fee of the transaction.

The error says that the account KNVHQRZ534IXD7L463GHKSQ7V6MCIDUKZRNES7QS7P3PQ4G7GVDSD3ZHNY does not have enough Algos to do the transaction.

I don’t know which account it is.

PS: Please write code and output of code in triple backquotes ``` so that it appears more nicely.

so i have tried funding the logicsig and it works? so we need to fund logicsigs even if we are just using them as clawback/escrow?

ok will do next time… t

hanks so much for the quick response…

Before consensus in version 2.7.1, every sender needs to pay for their transaction fees.
This means escrow accounts must have Algos to pay for it.

Since consensus in version 2.7.1 (that will start being available Friday July 9 on TestNet and MainNet), one account in a group of transactions can pay for all the transaction fees.

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yeah, i’ve read about that. that’s awesome. but how do we specify that in the transaction? is there a new field? or algorand itself will calculate that the fee paid by one or more txns cover the total fees?

Nothing to do, just ensure the sum of all the fees is at least 0.001 Algos times the number of transactions

Great. Thanks so much for all the info…