Hi! i'm trying to do an asset transfer using escrow but it's showing me this error

Transaction could not be posted to the network
Failure code : 400
Failure message : {
“message” : “TransactionPool.Remember: transaction RSG2ZGB4NO7HGPWKOIT266YNOYIYPBI3EF6GSIJ3X2MZ37ZNG3BQ: logic eval error: assert failed pc=192. Details: pc=192, opcodes=app_local_get\n<=\nassert\n”

You logic in the escrow is rejecting the transaction.

Having the same issue here, how is the escrow rejecting the transaction?

Hi @Dah_Bush,

This depends on the escrow code.
This example uses a logicsig / smart signature.
Nowadays, I would strongly recommend to only use smart contracts (except for corner cases).
Can you open a new post with:

  • the use case (as much as you can say)
  • your attempt (the logicsig you wrote + a minimal example calling it)
  • the output of goal clerk dryrun that should show you where the thing breaks