Any alternative to not have to deal with PyTeal?

Will Algo support other languages like AssemblyScript which looks lik TS or Rust or build an EVM?

You may enjoy using Reach β€” β€” which is a high-level language that targets Algorand.

Thanks il take a look at it.
Can I know why won’t Algorand use something that is established and has a big community instead of using Teal or Reach which are never heard of by majority of the programmers and forces us to spend time learning the language and its intricacies instead of just picking something that has good community and support like Typescript like Assembly script or C++ for that matter.

because the majority of programmers are used to EVM … EVM is not compatible to algorand AVM

reach is typescript like

pyteal is python like

teal is assembler like

with EVM one can do:

  • loops in code
  • more crypto methods
  • more bits for numeric operations
  • events

with AVM one can do:

  • easy escrow logic
  • ERC20 with note field in tx (ASA)
  • multisig L1 support
  • rekeying L1 support
  • rest query of algod or indexer (no need for backend, just use free public indexers as decentralized DB)
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Is this still true with TEAL5? If I understand correctly it can do 512bit arithmetic operations and backward jumps, so even loops

Is not. You said it correctly: with the AVM you can have loops, recursions, subroutines and 512bit math.

With the next release of the AVM (1.1) dApps will be able to create even Application Call transaction type (currently only Payment, Asset Config, Asset Transfer and Asset Freeze are allowed). This means that contract-2-contract call will be possible (so events and callbacks).

Note that the execution of dApp on the AVM is orders of magnitude more scalable and cost efficient with respect to the actual EVM: on the AVM any Application Call always costs the minimum fee (0.001 ALGO), is executed in ~4,5 seconds and has instant finality.