ASA field --assetmetadatab64 for NFTs


First time poster, big time fan. I am wondering if someone has insight into why this field is is restricted to 32bytes of Base64 encoded data instead of ~45 for a b64 encoded sha256 hash? I’d prefer not to use the notes field.

I’m fine with standardizing around RipeMD160 for my use case, which comes out to 28 bytes after b64 encoding. Was there a canonical digest choice that the SDK designers had in mind?

cheers from the interstellar graveyard,

@Bet3lgeuse ,

Just to be clear - the mentioned goal parameter used meant to allow the user to store up to 32 bytes of data per asset.

The b64 encoding is the goal command line artifact. Hence, you should be able to store any sha256 without any issues.

That’s what I get for drafting hasty conclusions! Thank you @tsachi