ASA for internal gig economy

I’m just getting into the field blockchain field and have very limited programming knowledge, but wanted to see if an ASA could be used in this fashion.

I’m interested in creating an internal gig economy within my organization as way to better connect individuals with the work/skills they’re interested in pursing while adding value to the organization. Could creating an internal economy with an ASA for the currency be feasible? Without a platform to place job requirements and token exchanges, it seems like I’m just creating an additional currency to flow for no reason or boundaries.

What would a platform like that look like, and what would I need to start learning experiment with this idea?

ASAs can indeed be used as a currency for internal economy.

Creating ASAs for that purpose is quite straightforward.
There are some technicalities around key management and you can learn more there: Could I implement an ASA with it's own custom wallet? - #2 by fabrice

But I believe that the hardest part is to decide what the currency would do and to design the platform.
Once it is done, using an ASA for the currency is quite easy.