Easiest way to implement tokenomics into new token?

Hey everyone!

Coming over from ERC/BSC coding with Solidity here. I’ve noticed there is a token creator within the MyAlgo asset manager however it seems fairly basic without much room for the implementation of tokenomics and the like.

I’m curious if any ASA token has implemented tokenomics as of yet? I’d love to have a read of the code if so rather than writing from the bottom up with a system I’m not really comfortable with as of yet, so if anyone has a recommendation of such it’d be appreciated!



what do you mean by tokenomics?

you issue your ASA, and you have your token… 10 sec matter

What you do with your token it is up to you… For example see this engagement program: Engagement Programs - VoteCoin

Hi Ludovit. Cheers for the reply!

When I mention tokenomics I am really talking specifically about reflections from trades, eg: 2% tax that automatically transfers straight into a liquidity pool or other wallet.

I’m curious if there exists and contract that has already implemented this kind of thing that I could look over before trying to write it from the ground up.

Cheers, Andy.