Liquidity Pools for ASAs

I wanted to start this thread to aggregate any information about liquidity pools on the Algorand Network. I know there was talk about a partnership with Balancer to create a liquidity protocol a few months ago (Source). I’m also familiar with the AlgoDex project. Another potential liquidity mechanism may be AlgoSigner, but I have not seen swap applications within the AlgoSigner protocol yet. I could be missing something. But, I am curious if there is information on where these projects are currently in development and whether there are other options for creating liquidity or asset pairs for ASAs. Any thoughts, sources, or suggestions are appreciated. I’m interested in this both from a development perspective on creating liquidity pools and to learn what’s out there now. Thanks!


After doing some more research, I also came across Tinyman, which is creating a decentralized Automated Market Maker on Algorand. It looks like the project is still in its very early stages, but they have some starting code for various functions - as well as operability with the Algorand TestNet.


thanks for finding Tinyman - looks promising with growing attention and followers while on Testnet.

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TinyMan has officially launched to the Algorand MainNet!