EURS || Euro stable coin liquidity


We finally have our first EUR stable coin on Algorand called EURS (ASA ID 227855942).
So my question is, can Algorand Foundation consider incentivizing EURS liquidity pools on next governance period? or maybe even sooner?

Logic behind this is that if AF can allocate some funds incentivizing these pools, maybe we can see deeper liquidity and hopefully reach point where liquidity is deep enough so we can actually start to use EURS same way we use USD stable coins.

Many have waited euro stable coins for a very long time, but issue is that US and some other citizens can’t on ramp these assets. Currently I am only liquidity provider and what is holding back some users is KYC (I had to do basic KYC procedure and a video call) and relatively high fees if someone wants to bring liquidity onto chain. Maybe incentivizing these pools will lower that barrier when you can kind of get some of those ramping fees back in form of ALGOs.

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Hi @ROAM thanks for your post. I’m sharing it with the team.