Launching An ASA Token To Success

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I have been searching for information in the Algorand Ecosystem on the processes need to launch a successful ASA Token sale and project. I can only find information about the developer aspects of this process which I am well acquainted with, i.e, using SDKs and/or goal cli, they are perfectly done on the developer docs. However, I am struggling with figuring out how I would for example, do an IDO on Yieldly, AlgoDEX, or on any other platform on Algorand in order to get liquidity for an already issued ASA, and what I would need to do that. Also, how would the infrastructure for a successful ASA token sale look like? Also, is it possible if tokenomics was also a topic in the Algorand discussions, both tokenomics on ALGOs and on other ASAs if possible? Thank you.

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I wrote a short post on Liquidity Pools, which may be helpful. I think you are asking great questions, but they are incredibly complex to answer because they are very fact dependent. Moreover, the way you are thinking about these technologies appears to be problematic from both a cost-efficiency and risk-benefit perspective.

Generally, you would likely be better from a business standpoint to stay away from an IDO or a token sale and instead pursue a liquidity pool on TinyMan or work with a centralized exchange. It is good practice to stay away from strategies associated with terms like IDO and token sale because they come with regulatory and legal scrutiny. These types of financial technologies and instruments are also highly susceptible to fraud. There are many other considerations you must take account of and validate as well, some of which I wrote about in my Essay, Cryptosecurity.

That said, I am really excited about the TinyMan launch and I do think it will create a great deal of value for both ASAs and the Algorand Network more broadly.

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Hello @bhaney44, how would the mechanics of the price discovery process for an ASA work with a liquidity pool on an exchange like Tinyman? And is it ideal to use a DEX even if you don’t want to list the ASA on an exchange?

  1. It is better to think of TinyMan as a liquidity pool, rather than a DEX. To learn more about the pricing mechanism, check out the TinyMan website (LINK). In short, the price is based on the liquidity ratio for the ASA.

  2. It depends on what you are trying to accomplish. In general, I think including an asset on TinyMan is a good thing.

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