How to convert ASA amount to Algos

Apologies if this is simple, but I just couldn’t find the answer.

Is there a method to programatically convert an ASA amount to Algos? In other words - “how much Algo is 50000 Opulous worth?”

Many thanks

ASA (like ERC-20 on Ethereum) don’t have inherently a value.
What gives them value is if people are interested in buying/selling them.
Usually this happens on exchanges.

Note that there may be multiple exchanges and each exchange may have different value for the same ASA.

If the ASA is listed on Tinyman for example and you are interested in the value of the ASA on Tinyman, see Is it possible to read the price of an asset on Tinyman from a stateful smart contract? Kind of like a on-chain oracle? - #2 by Ben

Some projects may also be listed on websites such as Coinmarketcap or Messari for example. These websites aggregate the value of the tokens over multiple exchanges.

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Many thanks @fabrice - makes sense.

I am thinking of taking this from here for now. Free API how-to

It’s for personal and infrequently accessed so does the job.

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You can find live tinyman’s exchange rate on our app @ We don’t take into account trading fees and slippage so an actual trade will always be slightly more expensive.