Algorand creating ASA's cost

Hi, I was checking the cost of creating ASA’s and I’ve a doubt.
Here is the test I’ve made:
Captura de pantalla de 2021-12-10 16-32-26

  • small increments are due to rewards,
  • Self transfers will reduce my amount in 1,000 microAlgos.
  • ASA creation in step #10 and #15 will reduce my amount in 1000 microAlgos due to config Tx. Account Balance is ok (by a lot) in both cases

I do not really understand what happen at step#4 ( reduction in 101,000 micro Algos for an ASA creation ) and step#6 (100,000 microAlgos reward???)

What I am missing?
For any check the account address is FETYLDCC6UB6H7Y27N4VXLXY5N5S7KRSU3OIU2TZMMN6PFJHWIB4MB7B7A
All the actions occurs in the mainnet. Time is in UTC-3.

Thanks in forward!

I’m not sure how you’ve populated this spreadsheet but the reduction of 0.1 Algo may be something related to an increase in your min balance. To create or even opt into an asset your min balance increases by 0.1A. If the balances are not a reflection of some “available balance” calculation it’s possible there is a mistake in the spreadsheet preparation since the very next row has an increase of 0.1A.


I’ve populate the spreadsheet by using the SDK, running the function: algodClient.accountInformation(address).do()

I am pretty sure that the changes in the ammount column are ok; as I didn’t know what was happening, I double (triple) checked the values.

  • I understand the idea of the minBalance when you’re holding assets, but this affect the ammount of Algos in the account?
  • Any Idea of the step#6 increase. It takes place several minutes later than the creation of the ASA.

Can you explain your question little bit more?

What i see on your account Algorand Account

is that you have sent there 2 algos, and made 6 transactions and your balance is little over 1,994

Where is the issue?

Hi @scholtz ! Thanks for the reply.

Overall balance is fine, no problem with that!

The issue is that in my company we’re planning to create 1 million of NFT in several accounts of multiple users + NFT transactions between them. All of this the first year. So, it is very important to us to keep the exact minimum balance to create and transfer the ASAs (In this account the 2 Algos are beyond necessary).

So, I’ve made a little test in the mentioned account and I do not understand what happen in the first NFT creation (#4) where 101,000 microAlgos where discounted of the AlgoAmount. And Also I do not understand what happen in (#6) where the amount is increased in 100,000 microAlgo, without any action!

As you said, the overall balance at the end is ok. But I want to know why there is some movements ,as I have to plan how to keep the exact minimum balance in multiple accounts to create and transfer NFTs.

99% sure that I am missing something, but I am not sure what is, and there is not answer yet that explains both movements.

Thanks for time!

The math is quite simple.

You send 0,202 algo to new account where you will mint the nft. 0,1 algo is minimum for algo token, 0,1 is minimum for nft token 0.001 is the mint action 0,001 is transfer to the the new owner

after you do this, you can opt out from asa, and close the account, so you take the 0,2 - 0.002 back

so transactional cost is 1 000 000 * 0.202 = 202 000 Algos from which you will get back 198 000 Algos

The other costs might be: if you want to use smart contract to sell asa, eg offer at algodex costs 0,004 algo + 0.5 algo redeemable (4 txs - app call, opt in to escrow, asa send, min algo sent)

Also you should realy consider creating nft using arc0003… and place json as well some image to ipfs which might add little more cost

Thanks @scholtz for your time during the weekend! I really apreciate that.

I agree with your Math, and that was I expected. That’s why I do not understand how the first NFT creation takes my amount from 2.000.022 to 1.899.022. I was expecting -1.000 for NFT mint, but I got -101.000.

The thing is that I try to reproduce the incidence twice, but everything works as it is expected. So, I will take all of this as some fault of my own, and I will keep testing and monitoring! (Obviously I will take your answer as right)

Please, accept my thanks and my apologies!
Thanks so much

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