Asset transfer without mneumonic or private key in Algorand

@barnji @JasonW
Hi, I am trying to create a react js website that can transfer asset from one account to another using stateful smart contract. Need a code to optin and transfer asset, only using public key. Please help me.

This is the line where error occurs:
let opttxn = algosdk.makeAssetTransferTxnWithSuggestedParams(lsig.address(), accounts[0].address, closeRemainderTo, revocationTarget, amount, note, item.title, params);
“Unexpected uInt8Array”

Using Algosigner for wallet, If there is a way to fix this or any other method to replace this suggest in reply.
Trying to use this function from js-algosdk. Looking forward for reply.

You can’t opt in using only public keys. Think about it for a minute: then anybody could opn in anybody else, knowing only the Algorand address. It would cause great havoc.

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I need to optin asset id alone, Is that too need private key to optin.

You can’t do that without yout private key.

can you please send algosigner web wallet code that optin assets to others address.