Best Practices for mnemonic handling for users

I am fairly new to developing with the Algo, and one of my concerns with my application is users forgetting / losing or not understanding the use of the mnemonic.

Are there “best practices” docs I can use as source material to educate on my application how to use/store these items for when the user of the application needs them?

Also what are some challenges you have found with these in “normal” users functionality?

Use AlgoSigner
Use MyWallet
Use HW Wallets like Ledger’s Nano-S, Nano-X, see

And to complement @Maugli 's answer, for users that are really too unfamiliar with the concept of mnemonics and so on, you may want to consider custodial solutions.

It also depends on your application. If you want to do create your own token, you may consider also Could I implement an ASA with it's own custom wallet? - #2 by fabrice