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We are thrilled to share with the community the launch of the new Algorand BetaNet! Driving the launch of this network is a significant addition of new layer 1 protocol features that we believe will enable the multitude of use cases that we have learned about from our customers all over the world.

BetaNet Documentation Landing Page :page_with_curl:
BetaNet Bank :bank:

BetaNet is a place to try out these new features and the BetaNet category is a place to provide feedback, share use cases, ask questions, etc. Post replies to the feature topics linked below or go ahead and start your own topic and tag it with the relevant feature/s.

New Features

Algorand Standard Asset (ASA)

ASA Overview :page_with_curl:
Forum Discussion Topic :speech_balloon: : (Relevant tags: “asa”)

Atomic Transfers

Atomic Transfers Overview :page_with_curl:
Forum Discussion Topic :speech_balloon: (Relevant tags: “atomic-transfers”)

Algorand Smart Contract (ASC1)

Algorand Smart Contract Overview :page_with_curl:
TEAL - Transaction Execution Approval Language :page_with_curl:
TEAL Opcodes :page_with_curl:
ASC1 Escrow Example :page_with_curl:
ASC1 Tutorial :page_with_curl:
Forum Discussion Topic :speech_balloon:: (Relevant tags: “asc1”, “teal”)

A Note about Documentation :exclamation:

The documentation above is just to get you started. We will be making ongoing improvements and additions to the documentation over the coming days and weeks. For example, we hope to soon publish some ASC templates. Later we will release documentation on support for these new features through our SDKs. So stay tuned and let us know if you see any inaccuracies or have suggestions for improvements in the meantime!

A Note about Network Stability :exclamation:

Please keep in mind that BetaNet, as its name suggests, is a beta-like environment, where we will deploy the newest features for testing. Expect frequent software updates and network restarts. We will post here if we require you to take action during those updates.

If you are looking for TestNet Resources, visit this topic.

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