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Testnet Resources


Developer Docs: https://developer.algorand.org
Go SDK: https://developer.algorand.org/docs/go-sdk
JavaScript SDK: https://developer.algorand.org/docs/javascript-sdk
Java SDK: https://github.com/algorand/java-algorand-sdk


Algo Dispenser: https://bank.testnet.algorand.network/

Block Explorers

Algoexplorer: https://algoexplorer.io/


go-algorand-doc: https://github.com/algorand/go-algorand-doc
Go SDK: https://github.com/algorand/go-algorand-sdk
Javascript SDK: https://github.com/algorand/js-algorand-sdk

Report Issues Here

go-algorand-doc Issues: https://github.com/algorand/go-algorand-doc/issues

Testnet Community Tasks

Send Algos (time to earn genesis wallet expired): Task: Send Some Algos!
Noderunner: Are you an Algorand Noderunner?
Multisig (time to earn badge expired): Task: Transacting with Multisignature Accounts
Wallet Recovery (time to earn badge expired): Task: Wallet Recovery
Read a Quote, Write a Quote (Using JS): Task: Read a Quote, Write a Quote (using JavaScript)


GitHub Libraries

GO SDK - https://github.com/algorand/go-algorand-sdk
JS SDK - https://github.com/algorand/js-algorand-sdk


bad link

Developer FAQs is returning 404 Page not found

Thank you for pointing that out! This is an old post and that particular page no longer exists. I will remove it. Best place to search for answers to your questions is here on Forums or by searching across the Developer Portal content. See image below with pointer to search box on the Dev Portal. This will allow you to search across docs, tutorials, solutions and articles.

@rmb not exactly sure what info you are seeking, but I suggest to start here for development:

I read elsewhere you already have a node setup :slight_smile:

@ryanRfox - you’re right, I have a node synching right now. Thanks for the pointer though.
What I’m looking for is documentation for the gossip implementation. I’m as interested in the stuff under the surface as much as developing dapps for it.

Thank you for the link

@rmb We currently do not have anything detailed on the code that implements consensus. Just the high level overview: https://developer.algorand.org/docs/algorand_consensus/ and the white paper: https://www.algorand.com/resources/white-papers

Thanks JasonW, the part I am interested in is the gossip protocol (not the overall consensus mechanism).

Any node wishing to transact has to send its pending transaction(s) into the network so that the node that is nominated to forge the next block (or perhaps the one after that etc.) has the pending transaction for validation and inclusion. I also expect that the same gossip implementation is used for transmitting within the network voting mechanisms and ultimately the replication of the next block to all nodes.

This makes the gossip protocol a fundamental part of the implementation - a part that will become even more important as the network grows. The mean connectedness of relay nodes as well as the mean and max hop radius will have a significant influence on the rate at which the network can forge new blocks.

Thanks for the add! I am very excited to see Algorand grow and better the planet!