TestNet Update Coming this morning (v0.2.16)

Good morning TestNet! We are working on another release for this morning with quite a few changes. The next release, hopefully next week, will be another ledger reset and new participation keys. That should be the last of the ledger resets and keys. We’ll be rolling out today’s release for a 9:30 update. I’ll send release notes once it’s in flight.

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Update is complete. Please upgrade your nodes if you haven’t done so already.

Here is a short version of the changes:


  • Debian package installation now works (to be available soon)
  • Implemented fast partition recovery (long stalls now recover in < 10 minutes).
  • Added support for an optional block indexing service within algod to speed up REST API queries for specific accounts or transactions.
  • goal: support -no-wait for changeonlinestatus, renewpartkey, renewallpartkeys
  • Added goal clerk sign for signing transaction files
  • goal now reports error when faced with leftover arguments
  • goal now waits for status change transaction to be committed
  • goal now supports default firstValid/lastValid for going offline
  • goal clerk inspect added to print the content of a transaction file; good to do before you sign it.
  • goal account import added to import keys generated by algokey.
  • goal account list now still works when algod is not running (with less info to display).


  • Many networking and code optimizations to reduce network traffic, reduce work required to process messages, and parallelize more processing
  • Added support to prioritize broadcast from relays by client weight: Clients authenticate to relays using their participation keys, if present, to give themselves priority based on the amount of money held by that account.
  • Nodes by default do not relay network messages - reduces network traffic significantly


  • Many bug fixes - including last week’s stall, performance, reliability, and correctness issues.


  • Many test fixes

For full release notes, see here: https://developer.algorand.org/docs/latest-updates